evolution from a Christian perspective

So today in my biology class we talked about Darwinism and the theory of evolution. As a Christian, I do not agree with his theory…to an extent. I believe in survival of the fittest, but I do not believe that apes slowly lost their hair and “became” man. Why have we stopped “evolving” then? How did we come up with a whole new language?

Instead of thinking that all these animals, like a a dolphin and a human, came from a similar ancestor, why have we completely ruled out the fact that there is a similar Creator? If God is in complete control and created everything, then why would it be weird that some animals are similar to other animals? Have we really put God in a box saying that it’s the living creatures that were able to do this on their own? Look at all that God has done!

It truly takes more faith to believe all of this was just an accident than to believe we were created by the One and Only Creator and we were given purpose!! God truly glorifies himself through science and through the beauty of the world. It’s all so complex and all so perfect to be just a coincidence.

That’s what I believe, and I in no way have the intention of putting down anyone for his/her belief. Just sharing mine :)